White color often be excellent in choosing colors for interior residential design, both for apartments and houses. But did you know that the white color can also create a warm romantic feel to your home.

Designing an all-white residential interior can sometimes be a difficult task. Pure white color which has the potential to make your home look sterile. But do not worry because there are several ways to offset the all-white interior design that feels comfortable and beautiful dwelling. Here are some tips that you can apply in your home or apartment habitable.

The white color has the tone of a different color. The color white is the color of the purest of all colors and is considered neutral. White color create a look that crisp, clean, but also can seem very bright and striking in all-white interiors. Therefore you should add some other colors such as brown, orange, red, or yellow to help reduce white color and provides warmth to the room. While additional blue, green, and purple helps give the impression of cool and calm in the room.

Texture gives an interesting visual effect on the room. White carpets, upholstered furniture, towels, bed linens, rattan furniture, or accessories in white color adds visual appeal textures in the room. In addition, you can also add colored accessories.